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Digital Luggage Scale

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Digital Luggage Scale

Don't get caught by the check-in guy - weigh your luggage before you fly! Save money by calculating your baggage weight with this digital device.

With airlines under significant pressure to find new ways to raise cash without appearing to raise ticket prices, most airlines now charge for hold baggage or charge high costs for anyone over their baggage weight limit.

Ensure you are prepared and weigh your baggage before you go to the airport to protect yourself from the very high additional costs levied by many airlines!

“Don’t get caught by the check-in guy - weigh your luggage before you fly!”

Specifically designed for weighing travel luggage, far more accurate than your bathroom scales!


  1. Run the belt through the suitcase handle and secure the hook in the triangular ring.
  2. Press the power button to turn the scales on ensuring there is no load on the scales.
  3. Once the display shows 0, press the unit button to select kg or lb.
  4. Carefully lift the scales up and ensure that your luggage is evenly balanced. To read the weight off the display, wait until the display has flashed 3 times and the weight is stored.
  5. To weigh again press the power button to reset the scales to 0 and repeat the above process.


Digital luggage scale

  • Maximum capacity: 40kg
  • Rubber coating surface
  • Size: 100 x 40 x 25mm

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