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The Arctic Experience with a Tjiller Twin

Product Description

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The Arctic Experience with a Tjiller Twin

How the Tjiller works

Simply place the Beer or Wine Tjiller in your freezer (it reaches it's coldest temperature in 8 hours, so overnight for best results), take out & enjoy!


  1. Place Tjiller in the freezer (overnight for best results)
  2. Inset Bottle, glass or can of beer, wine or soft drink
  3. It makes your drink colder for upto 9 hours 

Under the hood...

The Tjiller is made from a hard polystyrene outer shell, which acts to insulate an inner-layer of patented gel, which can be cooled to very low temperatures. On the inside of the Tjiller (the part that touches the can, bottle or glass) there is an aluminum membrane, which releases the cold from the gel very slowly, hence why it is able to keep drinks cold for so long (up to 9 hours for the Wine Tjiller). There are other coolers that you can freeze, however, they only last a couple of hours at the most. What's more, they soak the table with condensation. The Tjiller on the other hand, has zero condensation. 

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