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The Wicked Wedge Inflatable Lounger

Product Description

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The Wicked Wedge Inflatable Lounger

WickedWedge is one of those products that just seems to solve so many problems. It is so versatile that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The great thing about the WickedWedge is that it comes flat packed the size of a small book, it is very light and easy to inflate this making it a must have accessory for trips to the beach, camping, music festivals and picnics. When you get to your destination and need to relax and get comfortable, simply inflate the back part of the mat. This will then create the triangular shaped wedge at the back which will keep you supported and help care from your back.

For indoor use, you can follow the same process. You can then use your inflated WickedWedge to relax around the home, read or watch TV in bed or as many people do, simply use this comfortable new product to help recuperate from illness.

Outdoor Uses

Camping - The WickedWedge is a must-have accessory for all camping trips. A major benefit is that it saves you having to carry heavy chairs around. It really is the perfect camping chair for relaxing with friends and family around the campsite. It's also small enough to take into your tent which makes it ideal for reading under the stars

Music Festivals - As many of you keen festival goers will know, most outdoor venues will not allow you to take chairs into the main arenas. Avoid this problem by taking your WickedWedge - it's so small and light that you will have no problems carrying it into the arena area. WickedWedge will allow you to relax in comfort whilst listening to your favourite bands

Picnics - Those summer days relaxing in the garden or in the park is where the WickedWedge really comes in handy. Instead of sitting on the floor using your hands and arms to support your back, simply take your WickedWedge out and ensure that those fun days out never become uncomfortable again

The Beach - Renting a sun lounger will now become a thing of the past. The WickedWedge has several angles to help ensure that relaxing on the beach and catching those rays is as enjoyable as it should be. Once you have finished for the day, simply let the air out of the wedge and fold it back up into your beach bag. Sand can easily be washed off and because the WickedWedge is made of flocked vinyl PVC, it won’t get hot and sweaty in the heat

Indoor Uses

Reading and Watching TV in Bed - Do you struggle to get comfortable in bed? Are your pillows not offering you the back support you really need? If yes is your answer to any of the above then see what it’s like placing an inflated WickedWedge behind your back when reading, relaxing or watching TV in bed

Children’s Playroom - Children love sitting on the floor - WickedWedge not only offers children fantastic back support but also ensures that unlike a chair, there will be no nasty hard edges to hurt themselves on. Because the WickedWedge is inflatable, it can be carried from room to room

Back Care and Recuperation - Whether it’s a bad back or recovering from illness, WickedWedge will offer you that much need back support. Being inflatable means that you will be able to set your own comfort level - this is an easy process and can be done by inflating or deflating the wedge with the air valve.

Colours Available 

  • Royal Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Warm Grey


  • Wedge: 45 x 45 cms
  • Mat: 45 x 69 cms
  • Pack Size:  23 x 17 cms

Warning: Do not over inflate.

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