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Spoonzee Duvet

Product Description

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Spoonzee Duvet


Spoonzee duvets are helping couples all over the world that struggle with being too hot or too cold in bed – giving you and your partner a tailored degree of warmth improving your quality of sleep by maintaining both of your body's temperature changes, which is one of the main causes of sleep disturbance and restless nights.

Our unique 'All Season' couple duvets provide the perfect remedy all year round. We've all been there – your sweating buckets, tossing and turning all night whilst your partner's all snuggled up under what feels like a duvet made from lava! Our mission is to get couples close again.

Great if you suffer from: Poor or restless sleep, hot sweats, random body temperature changes or just want to be lavished by pure comfort!


Spoonzee dual tog duvets are uniquely designed just for couples; they have a different tog rating on each side.

Half of the duvet is filled with the weight of 10.5 tog (the warm side) and the other half with the weight of 7 tog (the cool side), so couples get a warm and a cool side. all under one duvet!....reducing the need to have removable duvet layers, extra quilts, blankets and sheets.


Time to rediscover comfortable, peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

Our duvets are enveloped in the finest Organically grown Natural 100% Bamboo fibre - one of the softest materials on the planet!

This means our duvets are lightweight and breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate away from the body 3x faster than cotton, keeping you cool when you're hot. Whilst at the same time the precisely blended bamboo and synthetic fibre filling mix keep our duvets extra fluffy and soft, and provide excellent thermal insulation for those that like to stay toasty on the warm side.

Bamboo fibre possesses incredible anti-bacterial qualities that create a healthy sleeping environment as its completely hypoallergenic and highly dust mite resistant, making it ideal for those prone to Allergies, Asthma and have sensitive skin.

Spoonzee...get close again.

Technical information 

  • Tog Rating -10.5 and 7.
  • Filling - Natural Organic Bamboo Fibre and Synthetic Hollowfibre blend.
  • Cover Material - 100% Natural Organic Bamboo Fibre.        


  • Double duvet - 200cm x 200cm - £149.99
  • Kingsize duvet - 225cm x 220cm - £179.99
  • Super Kingsize duvet - 260cm x 220cm - £199.99

Care - Due to the natural antibacterial qualities of bamboo, it is recommended that our duvets be aired periodically over washing. Our duvet's may be washed under the following conditions if necessary:

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