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Zen Yoga Wedge

Product Description

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Zen Yoga Wedge

The Zen Yoga Wedge™ - your perfect yoga partner!

The Zen Yoga Wedge™ is the perfect partner for your everyday yoga routine, its unique shape providing a peaceful platform for postures, while offering exceptional comfort and support.

Suitable for avid beginners to advanced yogis, transform your living room into a tranquil Zen zone, bringing blissful harmony to both mind and body.

A fresh fitness solution with multiple uses, this adaptable, inflatable item accommodates a variety of sitting, kneeling, balancing and bending exercises, enabling you to develop core strength at your leisure while invigorating your body from tip to toe.

From leg stretches and back bends to pelvic lifts, practice slow, relaxing movements in tandem with the wedge to improve fitness and flexibility, with minimal impact on the joints.

Then use the handily portable wedge to approach a meditative state wherever you may be, improving breathing and relieving key tension points, while setting you up for the day the right way.

Meanwhile, if the weight of the world has left you struggling for inspiration, the accompanying workout DVD and manual will guide you through a host of different poses.

With its aptitude for building both inner and outer resilience, it is little wonder people go gaga over yoga.

Now take your routine to the next level with the Zen Yoga Wedge™ - your personal relaxation station. 


Choose an area to set up, that is free from sharp objects or anything that could pierce or damage the Zen Yoga Wedge™.

We recommend a standard Yoga mat to be placed underneath to minimise slipping and any damage to the Zen Yoga Wedge™.

To inflate both sections of the Zen Yoga Wedge™ simply pull the stopper cap out of each valve, squeeze and blow until firm. This should only take a couple of minutes, replace each cap when the pressure is ok.

You can also use a low pressure pump to do this, if you do please make sure that you use the correct sized air nozzle.

DO NOT over inflate, DO NOT use an air compressor to inflate 


Standing or jumping on the inflated part is not advisable as it could burst.

Keep away from objects that could cause the Zen Yoga Wedge™ to puncture.

DO NOT drag across any land surface, as it will damage the product.


Before beginning any exercise program, it may be recommended that person first consult a physician or other qualified health care provider. A physician or other health care provider can determine what type of exercise, the frequency, and the intensity are appropriate for each individual. 


The video included is intended for demonstration purposes only.

Any replication of these exercises are done at your own risk.

To achieve the maximum benefit of exercises such as those demonstrated

in this video, it is important to:

(A) Focus on proper techniques and form.

(B) Do numerous “sets” or repetitions several days a week.

(C) Conduct all exercises on both “sides”.

Please retain packaging for future reference.

The buyer/user assumes full responsibility for the proper,

safe and legal use of this product.

Please read the warnings on this sheet for proper and safe use.


This is NOT a personal flotation device.


All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014.

The DVD included is for use with Zen Yoga Wedge™ only.

Any unauthorized copying/editing of this DVD

will infringe upon Copyright laws.

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