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Dr Brown's Deluxe Newborn Feeding Gift Set

Product Description

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Dr Brown's Deluxe Newborn Feeding Gift Set

Doctor Brown's deluxe feeding set has all the equipment an expectant mum needs. The fully vented feeding bottles feature a vacuum-free design which makes feeding similar to breastfeeding.

The design of the bottle will help to reduce colic, while the vent system eliminates the negative pressure and air bubbles which also reduce burping and wind. The patented internal vent system minimises the oxidation of breastmilk and formula so that they maintain their vitamin C, A and E levels providing essential nutrients.


  • 1 x microwave steriliser
  • 2x 120ml feeding bottles
  • 3x 240ml feeding bottles
  • 5x teats
  • 2x travel caps
  • bottle brush
  • tongs
  • Brand - Dr Brown

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